Georgia Crime Victims Bill of Rights

The Georgia Crime Victims Bill of Rights requires that a system of notification services for all victims, and a system of compensation and assistance services for victims who meet specified criteria, be initiated when a crime is committed. Regardless of whether a suspect is apprehended, all victims are to receive written notification of: the possibility of pretrial release of the accused, their rights and roles in the criminal justice process, the availability of compensation, and the availability of community-based assistance programs.

Once a suspect is arrested, the Crime Victims Bill of Rights states that the victim has the right to receive information on: the suspect’s custody status; court proceedings; the availability of compensation, services, and assistance; the availability of temporary restraining or protective orders; and the right to participate in the sentencing and parole process by filing a victim impact statement. These notifications are handled by local law enforcement personnel, prosecuting attorney’s; offices, and state level agencies.  Once an offender is sentenced to a state correctional institution, victims may register to receive notification on the offender’s custody and parole status. The victim may also choose to submit a victim impact statement or a letter of protest to be used by the Board of Pardons and Paroles when the offender is considered for parole.

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