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The Refuge is a non-profit non-denominational organization
To provide safe emergency shelter and comprehensive services to victims and their children hurt by domestic violence and sexual assault
The Board of Directors

James is Dead- Victim Blaming

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
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The theme of Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2024 is Building Connected Communities, a campaign that helps us reduce the likelihood of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment in our communities. We must strive to create strong, connected communities that take care of one another. Communities that make decisions to ensure the safety and well-being of all members are critical to ending sexual violence worldwide.

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Refuge History

In 2000/2001, the state of Georgia saw there were such high numbers of domestic violence and child abuse cases in Toombs and Emanuel Counties. It was decided a new shelter needed to open in this area.  The Toombs County office opened in March of 2001 through April 2003 as an Outreach Satellite Office for WINGS, Women In Need Of God’s Shelter out of Dublin, Georgia. The Toombs/Emanuel Project started with one board member and one part-time employee going out in the five county service area speaking about the issue of domestic violence and the need our communities had for a shelter. We started with one full time and two part-time employees. With great support from our communities, plans were underway to build the new facility.  As of May 2003, we became our own 501© 3 and began to operate as The Refuge Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc.  At that time, we had four full-time and two part-time employees.  Today, we have 10 full-time and 6 part-time employees.

The Refuge serves five rural counties, Toombs, Treutlen, Montgomery, Emanuel and Wheeler.

The Refuge Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc. has 14 Board of Directors from the 5 county areas we serve.

Safety Planning Tips

1. Teach your children to dial 911 in case of an emergency

2. Tell family/Friends about the abuse

3. Keep important documents (such as birth certificates, social security cards, green cards, financial records)

along with extra sets of house and car keys hidden and available to you in  
case of an emergency exit.

4. Trust your instincts, if you feel you

are in danger you probably are. Try to
get to a safe place immediately.

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